Ira Caterpillar Learns to Scrump

Book Description

Ira Caterpillar wants the job of measuring inches through the gardenTo get the job, he first must learn to do the job.  He must learn to ‘scrump’ his back end to his front end rounding his back to a loop; one inch measured. But, filled with the worries that he is not brave, or others will not like him, Ira’s ‘scrump’ is a ‘scritch’ and he cannot round his back to a loop. Discouraged, he struggles to follow old Scrump through the garden.  In the end, during an amazing act of bravery, while thinking only of another and not himself, Ira finally learns to do the job. But does he get the job?


Ira Caterpillar Learns to Scrump, a 32-page children’s picture book filled with colorful illustrations that will delight the eye f any reader and is suitable for ages 3 to 9 years.


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